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We understand a business owner's needs because Mr. Knypstra used to be one. Mr. Knypstra has a unique background that sets him apart from all other business trial lawyers.






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We are trial lawyers who pursue justice for our clients. Whether
your employment claim is for harassment, discrimination, wage and hour, wrongful termination, etc., we argressively litigate each case no matter how big or small
the employer is.



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Knypstra Hermes LLP approaches commercial collections differently than most law firms. By having a Board Certified Trial Specialist on your side, we do not send collection letters nor make phone calls, we file suit immediately and then agressively litigate each case all the way through trial if necessary.


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Southern California is inundated with attorneys all purporting to be experts in personal injury, but their lack of trial experience will cost you time, energy and money, or even your case.





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" We streamline the unnecessary discovery or delays...
if fair settlement is not offered, we fight every case through trial "


Nearly 95% of all cases end in a pre-trial settlement, where both parties receive fair results.  While a trial lawyer becomes necessary when a fair settlement is not offered and a case must be tried, the real value of having a trial lawyer on your side is that we are able to maximize settlements and gain an advantage during settlement negotiations for our clients.


By having a Board Certified Trial Specialist on your side, your strongest case is being presented throughout the entire litigation process.  For most lawyers going to trial is a last resort option, whether for a lack of experience, skill, or knowledge of the rules of evidence and trial procedures, and going to trial is avoided at all costs.  By having a Board Certified Trial Specialist on your side, the opposing party knows from the beginning that the only way to avoid trial is to offer a fair settlement.


At the end of a long and sometimes costly journey litigating your case, you will want a Board Certified Trial Specialist on your side to fight your case, if necessary, through trial to maximize the edge you have during negotiations, the settlement reached, or your success at trial.

Leading Trial Lawyer Brad Kynpstra


The Trial Lawyers College is a program committed to train lawyers who have the courage to become a real person first, and who then have the heart to fight for justice in their own passionate voice. The Trial Lawyers College is dedicated to training and educating lawyers and judges who are committed to the jury system and to representing and obtaining justice.


Attorney Bradley P. Knypstra one of 50 Trial Lawyers selected nationwide in 2010, to participate in Gerry Spence’s Trial Laywers College Program in July 2010. Through his stay at Thunderhead Ranch, Mr. Knypstra learned the art of Jury Selection, Opening Statements, Direct & Cross Examinations as well as Closing Arguments. Founder and Chairman of the Board, Gerry Spence, now in his 80s, attended every course and event that he can to share his knowledge and help you become a better trial lawyer.


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