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Why Knypstra Zermeno LLP for Business Law?


We understand a business owner’s needs because Mr. Knypstra used to be one.  Mr. Knypstra has a unique background that sets him a part from all other business trial lawyers.  Mr. Knypstra started out his career with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting and worked in Certified Public Accounting for two years before he decided to become a lawyer.  After being an attorney for several years, Mr. Knypstra received an offer to buy into and join a large 400 employee manufacturing company.


Mr. Knypstra joined this manufacturing company as General Counsel, but ultimately became Vice President in charge of all operations.  He was involved in every aspect of the business—sales, purchasing, shipping, human resources, workers compensation, insurance, accounting, collections, and government relations—just to name a few.   During his tenure, he adeptly guided the company in such a way that for over three years the company was never sued.  Also under his stewardship, the company grew three fold, and ultimately, because of the desires of the majority shareholders, he helped negotiate the sale of the company to a major public company in their industry.


We know from being in the business that any time your are faced with litigation, it can create anxiety, disrupt operations, and lead to an unknown contingent liabilities for your company.   We approach practicing the law differently from most other law firms.  We actually care about our clients and fight for the best outcome.  Most business law firms are set up as a legal billing business.   Most of the time I think they are more interested in how much they can bill for their firm, more than the interests of their client. 


At Knypstra Zermeno we do things differently by value billing.   While most defense cases must be handled via hourly billing, we always set up a litigation plan for our clients that gives them the best bang for their buck while at the same time giving them some certainty as to how much the litigation will cost them.  We are also one of the only firms that accepts Business Plaintiff cases on contingency (percentage of the outcome) and Hybrid/Contingency basis. 


You would have to look far and wide to find another trial lawyer who was: Board Certified by the American Bar Association as a Trial Lawyer, Certified by the State Bar of California as a Trial Lawyer, Gerry Spence trained, a graduate from the Trial Lawyers College, and who possesses hands on management as an Officer and Shareholder of a major manufacturing business.  


We look forward to earning your business. 


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