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Elder Abuse


When an elderly or dependent adult suffers physical, financial or sexual abuse they often feel helpless and as though they have nowhere to turn for help. 


Sex Abuse


An incident of child sexual assault is a terrible crime that can have an everlasting and negative mental and emotional impact on a victim. Most crimes against individuals are by people they trust, and the person may be reluctant to speak about it due to fear of unwanted repercussions.


Doctors are some of the people that we trust the most in society. Unfortunately, there is a connection between positions of trust and an abuse of this trust when it comes to sex crimes. This can lead to doctors, chiropractors, and other health care providers abusing and assaulting their patients.



Sexual Harassment


When someone at your workplace, school, or other social or professional setting has made unwanted comments or advances of a sexual nature toward you, you have the right to hire a California sexual harassment attorney and take legal action against that party to hold them accountable for their actions. Our lawyers recognize that harassment can take many forms and occur in a wide range of settings including:


• Child sexual harassment

• Government sexual harassment

• Online sexual harassment

• Sexual harassment at work

• Construction sexual harassment


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