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Need an Attorney to try your case?


Unlike most attorneys, we actually find preparing for trial and the trial to be the most enjoyable part of the case. Trying your case to a jury, and persuading a jury that our client deserves justice under the law is the ultimate in representation of our clients. Now, we realize the stakes are high with any trial and many times a good settlement makes sense in lieu of a trial. But when the other side refuses to agree to a fair settlement, we look forward to trying the case.


For the last few years Knypstra Zermeno has been trying cases for other law firms and attorneys. While there may be many reasons why other attorneys request us to try their case, when hired we treat their case just same as all our other cases and clients.


Knypstra Hermes Zermeno is available for all trial work. We work with other law firms in a variety of ways. We are available to associate in, partner with, or accept a referral from your firm. Our fee structure depends on the case. Depending on the case we can work on a hourly, contingency, or hybrid/shared (contingency/hourly/cost) basis. On all cases we work on with other laws firms we understand your client has a special relationship with you and we respect that relationship.


If you would like to discuss the prospect of Knypstra Zermeno working with your firm on an upcoming matter, please feel free to call Knypstra Zermeno at (949) 679 9202.


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