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Approaching commercial collections differently than most law firms


Knypstra Zermeno LLP approaches commercial collections differently than most law firms.  By having a Board Certified Trial Specialist on your side, we do not send collection letters nor make phone calls, we file suit immediately and then aggressively litigate each case all the way through trial if necessary.


We streamline the litigation process by conducting only necessary discovery to get you your money fast.  If a fair settlement is not offered, we push each case to trial.  Our streamline and expedient philosophy allows us to maximize the money we collect in as short as possible of a timeframe.  With extensive business experience, we understand that time is money and we strive to get our clients the best uncompromising settlements and verdicts possible.


We offer a variety of fee structures depending on your specific commercial collection cases.  Depending on the case, we can work on a contingency, hourly, or hybrid basis.


The following is a list of specific commercial collections areas Knypstra Zermeno LLP handles for our clients:


  • Commercial Debt, Notes, or Loans

  • Unpaid Sale of Goods or Services

  • Bad Debts and Loans

  • Construction Debts

  • Judgments

  • Sister State Judgments

  • Foreclosure

  • Arbitration Awards





Successfully defended debtor against sister state judgment creditor and negotiated a substantial discount on the debt owed.




General Contractor recovered unpaid amounts for services performed on a renovation of a residence and defended against claims of fraud and breach of contract.



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