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Southern California is inundated with attorneys all purporting to be experts in personal injury, but their lack of trial experience will cost you time, energy and money, or even your case.


Knypstra Zermeno LLP is the consummate Orange County wrongful death attorney. We understand the loss of a loved one is tragic.  Losing loved ones due to another’s negligence is even harder to bear.  Our experienced attorneys will guide you through these difficult times. We are dedicated to our clients; we will learn the problems, the needs, and the goals of our clients. We will minimize your effort yet zealously advocating your best interests.


If you or your loved one has suffered a catastrophic injury, you need a lawyer who has the experience to litigate your case. Our attorneys have had litigating cases similar to yours.  So, if you or someone you know have suffered serious personal injury from a motor cycle accident, auto accident, construction site accident, product liability, or even slip and fall, our attorneys will develop your case immediately.  We will refer you to excellent medical doctors and specialist to help you with treatment & we will retain well-respected expert witnesses to establish your case.   We will research your case with the precision and legal acumen necessary to negotiate the greatest settlements.  We use cutting edge technology during trial to keep the judges and juries focused in our favor.  We do all this to maximize your recovery.



$ 3.4 million


Motorcyclist fatally injured by a commercial truck making a left turn in front of oncoming traffic.





While on a group bicycle ride, cyclist struck by automobile.





Driver suffered serious spinal injuries after a rear-end collision.



Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the carelessness or negligence by a healthcare provider that directly results in the harm or injury of a patient. 


Wrongful Death


If you’ve recently lost a loved one on account of another’s negligence or reckless actions, we are truly sorry for your loss. We understand there is no way to measure the value of a life, and yet we also know that your family is deserving of a proper recovery, closure and compensation. 


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